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Program Overview

Training at LADC will transform your passion for cooking and baking into real-world culinary and pastry experience that will ensure you’re successful in any kitchen, anywhere for the duration of your career.

Whether you dream of working in a fine-dining restaurant, owning your own patisserie or writing for a top food magazine, our culinary arts school will give you the solid, hands-on skills training you need to be credible, creative and successful in whatever profession you choose. That’s because our instructors and our programs focus on one thing: training our students in the art of classic cooking and baking techniques.

Our students train through close interaction with instructors and a disciplined hands-on approach to theoretical understanding and technique-building, helping them grow and evolve as they prepare to enter the kitchen of their choice. Students work both independently to enhance their speed and skills and in groups, practicing collaboration within the creative process.

At LADC, students practice each day, using the finest tools and ingredients under the direction of superbly skilled and widely experienced chef-instructors. Later, students continue learning in a 26-week apprenticeship in the area’s finest kitchens; many find work in those same kitchens after graduation. Since 1976, LADC’s serious, disciplined approach to teaching the culinary and pastry arts has both benefited from the growth of the DC food scene and likewise has contributed many fine cooks and chefs to the local food industry. Click here to see what some of LADC’s talented graduates are doing.

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